Saturday, March 14, 2009

Safety in Numbers

I didn’t sleep that well which is to be expected. I chatted with Renee on Skype this morning and tried to figure out if I should get out of here early.

Outside, I run into Joanna, Gina and Brian. Joanna is sweet and gives me a hug telling me she’s glad I’m okay. I tell them all about the latest information I found out from Janey last night.

“Don’t talk to anyone!!” Joanna urges.

Then she launches into a story about a worker of hers that got killed walking into town one night. The family of the worker wanted to sue Joanna because he was leaving the job when he was killed.

I’m not feeling well again. The tears come. “I don’t know if I should just leave today.”

Gina puts her hand on my shoulder, “Oh…no.”

Brian steps in and says, “You’ll be fine. Just stick close to us until it blows over.”

I feel relieved and like a burden all at once. “I don’t want to ruin your vacation.”

He smiles. “Ruin it? You’re not. It gives me a chance to be big brother.” Pause. “Plus, it’s never dull with you around.”

Joanna likes this idea and tells me to call her friend whom she told about the accident if I need any help. With the tears gone, I’m a bit more composed and I say to Joanna, “Well, maybe none of us should talk to anyone. The more people that know, the more likely they are to find me – if they’re looking.”

Brian and Gina are going to the beach which means I’m going with them. Twist my arm! I’m going to try really hard not to apologize every five seconds for being a tag along. They were sincere in their offer and I just have to believe it.

Hopefully, another day at the beach will finally wash this whole experience away.


joanknits said...

I am enjoying your mexican travelog, girl, but I miss you!

Horvendile said...

To echo our chat from Friday night: you can either let it get to you, or you can show it who's boss. Or you can do both, one after the other, like I do. ;-)