Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 8

A much better day today! I went to the beach with Brian and Gina. I just love them. It’s amazing how in spite of barely knowing them, that I am so comfortable around them. They took me to a stretch of beach they like to frequent. They had an extra beach chair which felt like decadence! We took a cooler full of baby Corona’s and the boogie boards. Unfortunately, the bikini I had on was not going to hold up under the boogie boarding experience, but I did not care.

The beach was beautiful! The beach here is beautiful all around, but this particular stretch was spectacular. The ice blue water, the waves, the white sand that feels like butter under my toes, a nice breeze and endless sun – complete heaven.

It was also really nice to be around people as I was a little sick of myself yesterday. 

Moped rental tomorrow – for sure. I’m ready to face my fears!!

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