Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dirty Girl

March 6

Still no hot water.

It’s been three days. Joanna assures me there will be new hot water heater installed tomorrow. Although her word doesn’t hold as much as weight as it did earlier in the week when she told me it would be fixed by today. I’m surprisingly okay with it. I guess this vacation thing really works.

Everyone else around here has been really kind offering me the use of their shower. We all gather around the pool in the morning with our coffee. It’s a nice way of getting to know one another without it feeling forced.

There’s a family of five from Saskatchewan Canada. They are renting. Kim and Sheldon are the parents – very friendly. They own and operate an amusement park back home as well as a batting range. She drives the school bus for the local school. Her kids are very nice – all boys ranging from seven to thirteen. Kim and Sheldon drink Bailey’s in their coffee each morning. I love that. They’re such nice people and it’s refreshing to be in that energy – open and kind of innocent, but not stupid at all.

Gina is an owner. She and her husband Brian are also from Canada. They’re from Winnipeg. She offers me her shower which I think is so nice. We chatted quietly this morning about all of the strange stuff that’s going on in the apartment complex with things not being finished and the conflicting stories between Joanna and some of the workers. I tell her my take on the situation just based on my experience with Joanna and the water heater. We bond over this and promise to have a drink later and share stories.

There’s another owner, whom I haven’t met officially, but he and his wife are Yeller’s owners and supposedly cool too.

Kim and Sheldon invite me to the beach on the following day. Kim is fascinated by the fact that I am traveling solo and tells me that she doesn’t know how I do it on my own.

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