Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 11 -HELP WANTED: Tales of a Free-Spirit Professional

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My final month at the firm was great. I had over $8,000 coming to me after taxes, a new laptop and six months worth of unemployment! The choice to say good-bye to the corporate life and hello to being a full-time artist was looking pretty good.

I had to find a new assistant for Bikram which was my least favorite thing to do. It’s hard to sell a position that you deeply despised. Luckily, I’d had some experience doing so when I hired my replacement for Scott. Lucy was a Marisol’s friend - one of the women who worked across from my desk. She had schooled Lucy on Bikram and she’d still wanted the job.

“I’ve got two kids and jerky ex-husband,” she’d told me in the interview. “I’ll work for anyone as long as the money’s good.”

I admired her ability to just show up for the paycheck. I suppose I did that for the majority of my time there, but it was time to move on and get started on a music career. If Lucy wanted to endure Bikram and his faux-coolness, so be it.

All the girls in the office were sad to see me go, but the nine-to-five world loves a good going away party and mine was an all-day affair. It started with a “Yard Sale” where people were asked to come by and take their pick of the various knick-knacks I’d acquired over the past four years. Apparently, I’d had a reputation for having the best stuff to play with and people showed up in droves to get their hands on everything from my overgrown Chia Pet to the Mr. Potato Head Gina had gotten me for Christmas.

People kept asking if I was sad to go and I kept thinking, “HELL no!” but saying instead, “I’m mixed. I’ll miss the people here.”

After cake and a champagne toast in the conference room, my time at the company formerly known as The Madsen Group was finished and though I didn’t dance in the fountain outside, I threw a penny in it and made a wish towards my new life and all it would bring.

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