Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Days with "Hoo-lia" - Day 2

Photos by Julia Aron

Day 2

I took Julia to Playa Azul a preferred spot of mine on the beach where on Sundays, there’s live music. Although it was Saturday, I thought it was a good place to chill for the day. We settled onto our chairs, me under the palapa and Julia in the sun. On the way to the beach from the condo, Julia kept saying, “No wonder why you were so mixed about being here, you’ve been walking miles and miles everyday. I like to walk, but even this is too much for me.” It was funny and also validating to hear because it didn’t occur to me that my first week in Tulum wasn’t necessarily a picnic with the heat and no car.

We had a great day on the beach and because Ron was in Cancun for the day with his mother-in-law, I suggested we go back home to see if Matt wanted to join us at the Tulum Ruins. He did and the three of us headed out of the pueblo up to the Ruins, about ten minutes north of the center of town. It was hot and we were grateful for the beach that sits at the bottom of the Ruins.

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