Friday, September 18, 2009

Photos by Julia Aron

After our short adventure in town, it was off to Akumal with the boys. Ron’s friends turned out to be lovely people! Andrew and Lisa – originally from the East Coast, then onto Denver and currently, living in Puerto Aventuras, a small community north of Akumal. I had such a great time hearing about all their adventures upon moving to Mexico. They’re involved in property management in the area and have made a nice life for themselves here in Mexico.

Lisa became very ill, just a couple of months after they moved. Her story of going from doctor to doctor and having test after test to determine the problem was harrowing. I’m trying to convince her to blog about it. Hopefully, she will and you can read all about it.

Thankfully, she is healthy now. The day was fantastic. The guys snorkeled and we chatted easily under our umbrellas. Julia found a hammock in the shade and I played a little with Andrew and Lisa’s dog, Lola.

The Beach Bar was open and it was so fun to just sit on a beach chair, order food and drinks from our waiter and just pass the afternoon away with good company. The bar had swings, which is always fun. There were also two towers where you could climb up the ladder and sit in some chairs – very treehouse-esque. The best part is the bucket that is attached to a rope that hangs over the side allowing for drinks to be pulled up to your respective perch.

Inside the bar, was a bizarre death altar. There were also a couple of token dead people seated at the bar – a photo op of which Ron and I took full advantage.

Today definitely goes down as one of my best days so far.

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