Sunday, September 20, 2009

Julia has arrived and upon returning home her first evening, I spy La Cucaracha dancing around in the living room.

“There it is!” I almost scream as we’re standing outside the glass doors that open into the living room.

Julia’s just as horrified as I am. To calm her, I say, “I have spray. Don’t worry.”
We enter the house and I grab the spray, but La Cucaracha is too fast for me crawling under the island in the middle of the kitchen.

“Damn. Should I spray underneath?”

“YES!!” Julia exclaims.

I grab the can and spray under the island, but to be honest, I’m not keen on spraying poisonous chemicals around my current home. “Do you think it’s bad for us to breathe this stuff in?”

“Gimme the can girl!” And with that Julia sprays the shit out of the area just underneath the island. That bug has no chance in hell of surviving.

Sniffing around I say, “Actually, it’s not so bad. It smells like air freshener.”

The next morning, La Cucaracha is toast – lying belly-up near the door. I ask Julia to take a picture for posterity and announce to anyone else who might be out there.

“Ya see that La Cucarachas!!! There’s a new sheriff in town Don’t make me have to spray you dead too.”

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