Monday, November 1, 2010

Head Up....Arms Wide....Heart Open

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My friend Kristina is moving tomorrow. She decided a few months ago that it was time to leave New York and as her moving date edged closer, naturally, the doubts started to creep in.

She wondered if her motivation to make a “fresh start” in California had been a rash decision. After all, life in New York seemed to be improving and perhaps the very thing that prompted her decision to move was just a phase.

But Kristina decided to stick to the plan.

In the end, I believe, she moved because she made a choice. Kristina made a choice to try for something better in her life. And, if you think about it – really think about it – how many of us have the courage to do that very thing? How many of us hate our jobs; our lives; our decisions to play it safe rather than taking a step, or shall I say a leap towards something we want in our lives?

Maybe Kristina doesn’t know exactly what it is she wants in her life. But at least she knows what she doesn’t want.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve dedicated the majority of my blog space to perseverance, faith and courage. I believe this post fits right into it. Kristina decided life was not working for her here in NYC and had the courage to get out of her comfort zone – the place we stay even if it’s miserable.

Who knows if life in Cali will prove to be better for her? In my eyes, it’s irrelevant. I believe that when you want something, you should go for it – in spite of the fear; in spite of the apprehension. In spite of the odds. No matter what the outcome, you will always know that you went for it and to me, that’s the essence of courage.

To Kristina – may your courage carry you towards you destiny.  Keep your head up, arms wide and heart open.

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