Thursday, October 28, 2010

Speak the Unspeakable.....

It's been awhile since I've posted anything about astrology and today, though I won't go into major detail, I'd like to alert you to a very powerful planetary aspect taking place.  Later on this evening, Venus, the planet of love, desire and beauty will join up with the Sun in Scorpio.  The Sun is expression at its purest and Scorpio, well, did you ever meet a Scorpio who wasn't a deep thinker?  Mercury, the planet of communication is also hanging out in Scorpio, so this matchup is all about expressing ourselves on the deepest level possible.  Pluto, the used-to-be-planet rules Scorpio and Pluto likes to uncover all that is hidden.  Are ya starting to understand your super curious Scorpion friends now?

It's a fast moving aspect and won't be around tomorrow, so today, get centered, breathe deep and speak the unspeakable.  Whether it's an email to a friend you've been meaning to let know how important they are to you; or the conversation you've wanted to have with a lover about your true feelings.  Perhaps it's just an honest expression of what you need and want in your life.  And mind you, it doesn't have to be spoken to someone.  It could just be a few pages in your journal of very honest dialogue with yourself.  Whatever it is, today is the day to be bold and clear.

Eric Francis, an amazing astrologer who's also my good friend and teacher does this aspect way more justice than I do.  Here is an excerpt from his Podcast yesterday.  It's just under two minutes and very informative.

Download Eric Francis - Podcast

I also highly recommend his website as it is not just a blog - it's a community.

As some of you may know, I'm pretty shy about my singing.  I'm not one who sings on command for people.  I usually need a stage and a microphone, but today, in honor of Venus, I thought I'd share one of my favorite songs to sing, "Ready For Love" by India.Arie, recorded in a rehearsal with Johnny Keys on the guitar. 

Download lweber - Readyforlove

However this day ends up for you, I hope that by tomorrow, you feel a little more free and a lot more confident about expressing your truest desires.


Anonymous said...

thanks Liz. I had a much needed discussion with my mom and feel like a weight has been lifted.
xo, lea

Horvendile said...

Liz: thanks for this. I wrote a really nice semi-autobiographical scene last night which laid a lot of things out on the table for me. And thanks for the download. When are you singing again? xox Matthew