Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cuttin' Class

Editors Note:  Sorry there are no pix today....I'm having problems with the internet connection...I'll post some when I can!

It’s day #2 of classes and I’ve decided to blow off surfing this afternoon. I totally expected to wake up today completely unable to lift my arms, after yesterday’s first-ever, surfing experience. However, it’s my neck that will keep me from the waves today.

I really want to go and I hate the idea of giving up though there’s a small part of me, to be honest, that’s a little intimidated by the idea of going out there again today. If fear were the only factor, I’d surely push through it, however, hurting myself further on just day 2 would ruin the entire trip, so after hemming and hawing out loud for way too long, it’s official – no surfing today.

This gives us the freedom to do some exploring after Spanish and photography class. I think we both need a bit of an adventure outside of the school. It’s definitely more of a camp environment at this place. Most people buy food, cook in the communal kitchen and all hang around chatting. While I’m no anti-social, I’m not crazy about being constantly surrounded by twenty-somethings, chatting on Facebook and discussing their drunken escapades from the previous night. A short break from this seems like a great idea.

After class, we walk into town to see about catching an afternoon tour to someplace close. Unfortunately, all the tours start early in the morning. The only remaining choices are Zip Line tours where you attach to a harness and zip around in the trees, somewhere in the Rain Forest, I suppose. Juila’s done it and I’ve had enough excitement from surfing. Frustrated, we’re both feeling a little trapped – like we’re all dressed up with no place to go. We contemplate our next move as we walk down the main road in Jaco to the south, going further than we did on our first day.

Walking by a cute little shop, I decide to pop in while Julia’s taking some pictures outside. The guy who runs the store is American and instinct prompts me to ask him about any cool places to go for the rest of the day.

Joey turns out to be a gem! He’s full of suggestions, most of which are hard to retain, but we settle on going to Herradura Beach, which is about a 15 minute cab ride from Jaco to the south. We read about some beautiful white-sand beaches here, however, Joey informs us the sand is shipped in and the better choice is to walk to the far end of the beach where the jungle meets the beach. It’s very secluded and there’s the possibility of shade if we want it – a good thing since the sun is out in full force, once again.

So, off we go, singing Joey’s praises! It feels good to be doing something independent and adventurous.

Herradura Beach is quite beautiful – dark sand and lush trees from the jungle surrounding the shore. There are also a few beach bar/restaurants along the road, perfect for a cold beer and a snack after some sun.

It’s a perfect day. The water is cool and refreshing; there’s no schedule. And, besides the couple under the trees to our right, we’re the only ones on the beach. It’s the first time since we arrived that I feel totally relaxed.

After a few hours of swimming and sunning, we pack up and head back to where we first landed, with that snack and a beer in mind. Our meals, thus far, have been underwhelming and overpriced, so we’re a bit skeptical about where to eat, asking to see a menu at one spot, The Pelican Restaurant. It’s pricey, as we figured - $10 for an appetizer and $15 for an entrée. We’re hungry, so we decide to share an appetizer and then get something when we go back to Jaco.

As we sit down, the waiter brings over the “lunch” menu – now we’re talkin’!! The prices are much better and I’m excited for some shrimp tacos while Julia’s excited for the salad bar that’s included. The food doesn’t disappoint (finally!) and we head back to Jaco, this time, opting for the bus.

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