Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More thoughts on mercury in retro. I’m seeing a lot of self-esteem stuff come up in my own experience with the current retrograde. As I meditated on this, I remembered that Taurus rules the second house which represents our values – what we value? How and if we value ourselves. After Venus went direct, it was clear to me that my position on relationship was shifting. Venus’ backward motion provided a deeper journey into who I want to be in relationship and with whom do I want to share my love.

Now, we’ve got a retrograde in Taurus – ruled by venus. More love / value / identity review. But this time, it feels like I’ve got more of me in place. The next step is putting it into practice (very Taurus!). And I’m feeling the push and pull of it all. In fact, if you ask me five minutes from now about love, my answer might be different.

Mercury is all about our thinking – this is why during a mercury retrograde there is so much miscommunication. Thoughts are unclear and unformulated – the lines of communication and their flow are not working properly. Oh right…….it’s about sloooooooowing down.

I guess it is to be restless and lazy all at once. Hurry up! Wait. Hurry up! Wait.

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Laura said...

I think I feel like this all the time. Forward, reverse. Hurry up, wait.