Monday, January 23, 2012

Are you READY to make this a year to REMEMBER?

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Revolution.  Revelation.  Reality Check. 

How’s that for a gripping title to the highly anticipated 2012 annual astrology edition of PlanetwavesEric Francis, a dear friend and colleague has just finished his take on what’s to come in 2012.  Not the usual predictive, “on this day, that will happen,” generalizations, Eric’s work digs in and maintains a wonderful balance between the spiritual and the practical. 

Too busy to read about what’s in store for this year?  No problem.  Eric’s also included an audio version dedicated to each sign, so you can sit back and hear all about 2012 on your way to work.

I recommend purchasing (at least) your sun sign and rising as reading both will give you a solid grasp on what to expect and how to prepare for some truly amazing astrology.  I’ve already read mine and am working on the rest of the zodiac so I can understand what the people around me are experiencing as well.

Not into astrology?  Buy just one sign – your Sun (that means where the sun was when you were born) – and I promise you’ll be hooked. You see, Eric’s work is not just a bunch of astro-babble, it’s more like a sharing of information; a conversation in which he inspires you to think about what he’s saying and encourages you take appropriate action.  

It’s truly amazing work and you’ll also have access to the resource area with tons of well, “resources” to equip you for the upcoming year.  One of my favorites is Eric’s e-book Light Bridge – The 25 Year Span” a compilation of articles going back to 1987 − as he puts it – “describing an awakening process that is linked to preparation for the changes of our phase in history…”

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Check it out!  It really is worth it.  ALL of it.

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