Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Introduction - HELP WANTED: Tales of a Free Spirit Professional

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When I was a kid, my father used to have “Private Talk” with each of the three children in my family. Our household was a busy one and my Dad worked a lot, so having him all to myself for an hour every so often was better than ice cream or any shiny new toy.

As the youngest, I didn’t have much going on in my five year old life, so I chose to ponder the unusual predicament of getting butter stuck under my fingernails. While I wasn’t losing any sleep over this greasy situation, I’d milk that hour for all I could even if it meant discussing the finer points of butter.

Often times, my father would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I’d rattle off a plethora of things from famous gymnast to waitress to “robber.” I loved this question and I could go on forever dreaming up all the things I’d be as an adult. My guess is that this enormous list of potential career paths was more of an attempt to keep the conversation going and less of an indication of my wide ranging vision of the future.

Or so I thought.

Fast forward thirty years and I’m still proud to say, when people ask, “What do you do?” that I’ve narrowed it down to four things. It’s no small feat to pay your bills and follow your dreams.

Welcome to “Help Wanted – Tales of a Free Spirit Professional ” – the story of creative desire and fiscal responsibility.

To be continued……..


Des said...

This is Great!!! I read some of the older ones as well. Happy belated Birthday. I hear you are at Will's dad's place. Ohhh irony. I feel like I have been playing catch up since I got back from Costa.

gari said...

Thanks Des! It was great to see you tonight. xoxo