Friday, November 20, 2009


A couple of days before the date, I get an email from Bill with his number asking me to give him a call to gel up our plans. I like this idea because I remember my previous online dating experience with the wrinkled clothes and bad table manners. He had an awful, high-pitched, nasally voice which should have been a sign from the get-go. Dialing Bill’s number, I’m silently hoping, at the very least, he has a nice voice. I get his voicemail. His voice is good! Deep, with no signs of squeaks or CDS - Charles Draghon Syndrome. (A type of speaking voice characterized by speech with a "nasal" quality to it.) Thank you Wikipedia!

We trade voicemails and confirm for Saturday evening at a bar in the East Village. I haven’t yet heard back from my spare options, but I feel confident that I can take the day off from Match and concentrate on meeting Bill on Saturday.

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